December 01, 2006

oh the weather outside is frightful

Well, the weather isn't really frightful, just really cold. Winter in Texas has definitely been interesting this year - Thursday was the first real cold (temps were below 50) day Austin had this year but it was in the 80s Wednesday. The funny thing is that I was complaining about how it didn't feel like winter because it was so hot, and now that it's cold, I'm wishing that it was warmer again. Oh well, knowing Texas weather it might actually get hot again in a week. At least for now the weather is cold enough for me to wear scarves!

So, school is finally wrapping up. I have one more week of classes, then a week of finals, and I'll be back home on the 17th. It seems like this semester just began yesterday. It's hard to believe that I'm already halfway through my third year in college. It seems to have flown by so fast, and it doesn't help that after my first semester I decided engineering wasn't the route for me and then spent the next year and a half taking really basic classes to raise my GPA to hopefully get into business. Now, I'm an accounting major who's trying to figure out how she's going to cram all of the classes she needs to take into a year and a half and secure the required internship that's needed to graduate. It also doesn't help that I'm really hoping to get into the PPA program at UT which would add on at least a year to my studies. But, things will fall into their rightful places eventually. Now, I've got to focus on writing my final history paper for my US history class, decide if I want to revise my East Asian history paper for a higher grade, finish some stat homework, and start studying for the finals I have in 5 of my classes. How glad I'll be when winter break begins.

To keep myself sane, I've been reading and knitting. I'm still working away on my granny's shawl though I haven't touched it in almost a week. I'm on the 5th repeat of Chart 1. I just don't have enough time at the moment to dedicate to this project. Hopefully, I'll be able to work nonstop on it after my finals are over. I'm almost finished with my Fetching mitts - I just need to do the thumbs on each one. Finally, as far as knitting goes, I'm working on a secret project of sorts so no pictures of that yet. In fact, no pictures of anything because I keep forgetting to load pictures on my memory stick so I can upload them in the computer lab on campus. Lately though, I've been reading way more than knitting because frankly, I'm bored with my knitting (though I did knit all afternoon and while watching the Polar Express on TV). I finally finished reading the major works of Jane Austen. Yesterday, I finished reading Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier. Today, I finished Dickens' A Christmas Carol (which I believe I've only read once before and that was because my eighth grade English class went to go see the play performed at the Alley Theater in Houston), and started The Chimes. I'm itching to start reading Lady Susan by Jane Austen (I just got it last week) but I'm going to have to be a good girl and read the book I have to read for my history class first. I've already determined the first book I'm going to read after my finals are over - Duty and Desire by Pamela Aidan. I will admit that I've become slightly obsessed with reading the Pride and Prejudice knock-offs as I call them. Granted, none of them are as good as the original, but I've become quite fond with this series. I read the first book, An Assembly Such as This, about a month ago and was quite intrigued with how Aidan tells Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's perspective. Hopefully, the second book will live up to the first.

Well, I guess I've rambled enough. Until next time.

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