October 04, 2006


I know I'm a little late, but I didn't want to post anything until I learned how to put buttons on my sidebar. So, I've only been knitting for a little over a year, and lately I've been itching to knit me some socks. But, I've kept putting off knitting my first pair. Well, I found out about Socktoberfest a few weeks ago and decided that this was the perfect time for me to make some socks. I have the yarn and the needles and joined Socktoberfest 2006, and I'm raring to go! So, before the month is out, I will have started my very first pair of socks! Hopefully I'll be able to finish at least one sock before November 1st.

In my early days of knitting, all I made was scarves. Then, I made my first hat this past May. This summer was devoted to dishcloths, a cell phone case for my sister, and a stuffed penguin for my grandpa. Then, I decided that I needed something a little more challenging. My granny is always complaining about being cold and not having anything decent to cover up with when company comes. So, I decided that for Christmas I was going to knit her a shawl - more specifically the Icarus Shawl from the Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. Here's what I've done so far (though I've added a few more rows since this picture was taken):

The yarn is Knitpicks Shadow in Jewels, and I'm using size US 3 circular needles also from Knitpicks. My goal is to have this completed by Thanksgiving, so I have a almost a month and half to finish it. Well, it's time for me to head off to class. Until next time.

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